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Map of the 93 largest MSW dumps in 2010 according to UNDP/MoE data.

Look at the picture below, search for the dumpsite. You've found it? Click on the picture to verify!

(Only 32 have been spotted for now)


This page has been generated using data collected in 2010 (MoE, UNDP) regarding MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) dumpsites accross Lebanon: it shows 93 out of the 504 MSW dumpsites which were surveyed at the time (excluding the controlled landfills such as Naameh). These 93 dumpsites represent however 86% of the dumped waste volume of the 504.

The 2010 data as a starting point, identification of the dumpsites was made manually with the help of Google Earth's historical aerian photography: therefore, identification errors are not impossible. Download Google Earth Pro and have a look by yourself: all you need to do is type in the coordinates provided on this page.